What I like about learning?


When I was in elementary school, I honestly couldn’t understand why I had to learn all those things.

I finally knew that in order to learn new things, I had to enjoy them.

I didn’t force myself to enjoy learning, but suddenly, as I learned more subjects, I found myself enjoying learning.

I don’t know why I started to enjoy learning, but I think it’s because as I learned more, I gained more.

When I learn one thing, I gain ten life lessons.

Learning opens my eyes and makes me think about so many things.

I like learning because it opens my mind, heart and eyes.


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Sometimes I wonder…

Photo by me

Since I was a little girl, I loved dolls; especially barbies and stuffed animals. Today, I own 3427280038 dolls (joking–although the number seems just about right)

I looked at my bed, that’s about half covered with dolls, and wondered. How, when, where did I get all those dolls?

Every single doll on my bed had memories. I have a teddy bear that my dad gave my mom while they were dating when they were in college. I also have this rabbit doll that I got from an antique shop from a street in Netherlands when I was about 12 years old.

Then I realized, most of the time when I go on a trip, I bring some kind of a doll back home. That is my way of cherishing all my memories!

And now I am a collector of all kinds of dolls. I collect sesame street characters dolls (from Michigan, Tokyo, etc), barbies (from NYC, Michigan, New Jersey, Boston, etc), blythe (Providence, Tokyo, Seoul, etc) and more.

Some people may say a doll is just a toy that is for little children, but for me, doll is a reflection of myself and my memory keeper.

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My favorite fashion blogs!

Photographed by myself

If you read my previous blog postings, you know that I’m into fashion; very much.

I also love to search for fashion blogs and check them out. There are few of my favorite, favorite fashion blogs.

The Sartorialist (http://www.thesartorialist.blogspot.com) is my favorite blog of all time. I am into fashion, as well as into photography, therefore this blog is inspirational for me! Literally I go into the sartorialist every single day to check if new photos are uploaded. I especially love how all photos in the sartorialist focus people only and the background is blurry. Many fashion bloggers who take photos of street fashionistas put focus on the whole picture, and a lot of times, I find the photos a little distracting.

JAK&JILL Blog (http://jakandjil.com/blog/) is another favorite blog of mine, and it’s very different from the sartorialist although they both take photos from the streets. Jak and Jill Blog focuses more on the “items” people are wearing than the “people”. So there are more zoomed photos of each items.

I do have more fashion blogs saved in my bookmarks, but I would say those two blogs are my all time favorite blogs. Especially the sartorialist influenced me so much, that I am planning on starting my own fashion blog-this summer. Not only fashion blogs, but any blogs with any subjects are inspiring. And that’s what I love about blogs; that anybody can be an inspiration for others.

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Final Reflection


What I learned in english class this year was more than just the materials we learned.

All those sentence patterns, grammar, citation, leading a discussion and so on taught me so many things. But what I really learned beneath those is to explore further.

I learned how to write a better thesis (definitely) and overall essays. The basics of learning how to write better taught me to find my writing style. I didn’t (still don’t) like writing research essays and some kind of cold strict essays as much as I like writing articles and journals, but I learned that writing a better basic essay improves my overall writing.

After a year-long english class full of writing and discussing, I express myself and my emotions better in writings.

Discussions have been my challenge for all of my other classes, because I was afraid to speak up and to have somebody disagree with my opinion. Speaking up for discussions is not my strongest area, but I am more brave to speak up. Now, I am not afraid if someone disagrees with me and I am not afraid to speak up and disagree with someone else’s opinion. I hope I can be better at organizing my thoughts and stating a stronger opinion (by stronger, meaning with more evidences and analysis).

English class have been my favorite class especially because of Ms.P and my classmates. I really am happy that I got a chance to know everybody better, even people I never talk to. English B block is a big class but is a “one” group. I will never forget all the enthusiasm, laugh and smile we shared. Thank you all!

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Connections between BNW & society


We had so many discussions in our class I can’t say how many great ideas came up.

Brave New World was so far the book that made me think about every quality of my life the most.

Connections between BNW and our society?

As much as it seems none the less the opposite, it has similarities.

I think the world state in Brave New World is more of an extreme version of our society.

Our society even though it is not seen, is under control of many dictators, and has different social classes.

In Brave New World, there are different caste systems, and in our society, we divide ourselves into different categories.

People who look good but are dumb, people who look bad and are dumb, people who look bad but are smart, people who look good and are smart, and so on.

Even though we don’t realize it, we divide ourselves into different categories and so do people around ourselves divide us into categories.

I can talk about BNW and our society all day long, so one thing for sure is, Brave New World makes me think; A LOT.

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Biggest weakness


My biggest weakness is confidence.

I am a confident person, and often times my mom, dad and sister tell me that I have too much confidence.

But when I’m up on a stage in front of so many people, I have 0 confidence.

I become awkward, and shy.

I think it’s because I act all strong and confident outside because I am not that strong inside.

So whenever I had to show off my talent in front of people, I underestimate myself and look down on myself.

This is a really bad habit (maybe even personality) of mine, and I try to change it by finding the midpoint of my confidence.

I don’t have to act strong and bold because I think I’m not good enough for something. I just need to be honest about myself and love myself.

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What I love?


I love so many things, I don’t know where to start.

I love the sound of raindrops,

I love the smell of fresh grass,

I love myself concentrating while playing piano,

I love the puffy cuteness of alpacas,

I love inspiring designers,

I love the texture of different clothes,

I love making myself beard while bubble bath,

I love drinking hot chocolate when it’s snowing outside,

I love reading magazines all day,

I love doing nothing and sleeping all day,

I love playing all crazy games with my sister,

I love watching scary movies with my blanket,

I love eating insane amounts of chocolate,

I love taking a nap when it’s shiny outside,

I love shopping all day long,

I love talking on the phone with my friends not knowing how much time passed by,

I love learning things that I never knew before,

I love laundry smell,

I love cleaning my room while listening to the radio,

I love singing and dancing along my i-pod,


I thank that I can love all these things.

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